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The Kidya Story

Kidya Childcare started off as a dream to make a difference in the children’s development. We believe that learning is continuous all the way to adulthood and we want to instill the love of learning in children regardless of their age. Learning takes on many different ways and the best way to learn is by doing and asking questions. 

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”
– Phil Colliins

The founder of Kidya is an Early Childhood educator with more than 10 years of experience, also being a mother, she realizes that learning comes in different forms. Every child is unique and their learning experience differ from one another, however one thing which she observes is that children learn best by being hands-on. The more they are involved in the process of learning the more they are able to absorb and retain the information. 

That is why here at Kidya, we focus on our learning approach which is to be more hands-on and getting children involved by asking questions. As much as we tend to focus on the end result, children are more interested in the process of learning instead of the end result as it allows them to learn, understand and be responsible about the choices they make before finally reaching their end goal.

Our tag line "Always a kid in all of us." allows children and adult to understand that no matter our age there will always be a part of us which we enjoy as kids be it learning a subject in school or an outing to the zoo or just playing with our friends.

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